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Qigong Classes

for Health and Wellbeing

Venue based classes have now resumed, hoorah!


I will not be wearing a mask whilst teaching classes.

Participants may choose to wear a mask depending on individual need.

Lateral flow tests are no longer required prior to venue based classes.

Should cold &/or flu-like symptoms appear, then please do not attend classes.

We continue to maintain social distancing and as such group sizes remain reduced

in size to enable this.

I run regular one hour classes from The WOW Clinic Studio (almost) every Monday at 08.30.


There are longer classes (3hr) at Cowdray Hall, Easebourne (near Midhurst) on Saturday mornings, (roughly) every month.

Roughly three times a year I co-host a Mindful Day Retreat with Sandrine Cranswick.

Please note, I no longer run classes from Littlehampton.

Details of all classes and retreat days are found below.In 

Classes are suitable for all levels and abilities, from complete beginner to experienced.

Zoomed classes take place on occasional Friday mornings, between 10am and 11.30, fee £12.

Please contact me directly for details and a link to these classes.

The next zoomed class is on October 6th 2023.

Begin each week the

Mindful Way.

Early Bird Classes

Mondays 08.30 - 09.30

at The WOW Clinic Westbourne


The next class is on

September 25th 2023

Please note, there will be no class on Monday, October 23rd during half term.

Painty Kim cropped.jpeg

Mindful Day Retreats

Mindfulness in Stillness & Movement


Our next Mindful Day will be:


Spring 2024    To be announced

Playfulness & Curiosity

Mindfulness in Stillness & Movement

with Sandrine Cranswick & Kim Lovelace


venue - Cowdray Hall

time & date - Saturday - to be announced


11am - 5pm

fee - £60


participant numbers limited to twelve

Please contact me or Sandrine directly for futrther information.  To book a place go to

These single retreat days of mindfulness practice are facilitated by qigong teacher Kim Lovelace and mindfulness teacher Sandrine Cranswick.

Participants are guided through various mindfulness meditations and qigong movements during the day.  Mindfully exploring movement in stillness and stillness in movement.

You are encouraged to use the day as time to be with yourself in a nurturing way.  Bringing playfulness and curiosity to the experiences of each moment.

Qigong at Cancerwise Chichester


These classes are run as support for those with, recovering from, in remission, and partners &/or other supporters on their respective journeys.

Please contact Chichester Cancerwise directly to join these classes.

Venue based classes are scheduled to resume at the new Cancerwise centre of Dukes Court on the Bognor Road in Chichester.

The next class will be on:

Wednesday, September 27th,

between 3 & 4pm.

Please note, I no longer run zoomed classes for Cancerwise.  You are welcome to join my other zoomed classes (donation to Cancerwise) if you're unable to attend a class at the centre.

Suggested Donation (£5) to Chichester Cancerwise

Emphasis is on developing confidence and stability by cultivating our roots, thus increasing the support we receive from the ground (Earth) beneath our feet.

Qigong at Cowdray Hall

Maximum class size is twelve, so prior booking is essential.

I use Cowdray Hall, near Midhurst as a Saturday morning (10am - 1pm) venue.  See dates below:

These three hour Saturday morning classes usually consist of two 80 minute sessions with a short interval "tea" break.   These classes are run as "one offs" for both beginners and experienced.

Cost £30, with concessionary rates of £15 for those on low income.

*In dry &/or warm weather classes take place outdoors so sun screen and a hat are advised.

To reserve a place on these classes please contact me directly.

Next Class                     October 14th

Autumn 2023 dates           Oct 14th, Nov 4th

                                             & Dec 9th

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