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Shiatsu & Qigong

These pages will help you discover something about two passions in my life, shiatsu and qigong.

Please Note

I have reluctantly decided not to take on any new clients.  My diary is currently full until October 2024.  Although cancellations do occasionally arise it just isn't possible to offer continuity of treatments.

To find out more visit the other pages on this site and you are most welcome to contact me directly about more specific issues and for referral to other practitioners.

I specialise in musculo-skeletal problems resulting from trauma (both physical & emotional) and posture related conditions.   Many of my clients also present with other symptoms (respiratory, digestive, circulatory) that are directly related to a stressful lifestyle.


A shiatsu treatment lasts a little under one hour, your first session will last slightly longer.   No oils are used and you are fully clothed.   Wear loose fitting &/or stretchy clothes that don't restrict movement.   Treatments usually take place at floor level on a futon (padded cotton mat), but if reaching the floor isn't possible a couch is used.

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A little about my journey . . .


Clients often ask about how I discovered shiatsu.  The path had many threads and nudges . . .

My first career was in conventional healthcare.  Working for over fifteen years within hospital operating theatre and intensive care units, specialising as a surgical and anaesthetic assistant.   As well as developing a firsthand knowledge of human anatomy and pathology, this work necessitated an awareness of patients’ needs, hopes and fears.  Over time and with increasing frequency, I chose to work with relatively minor procedures, when patients would be awake and able to express their feelings.

During this period I became a father, an amateur masseur of my wife during the birth of our sons, and explored various forms of meditation.   This exploration broadened, reaching out in search of more holistic forms of healthcare.

Eventually shiatsu was discovered.  The big “Wow!” was, and still is, being acknowledged and respected for what and how I am, through the vehicle of touch.


Shiatsu philosophy emphasises that a body is never “wrong” nor “fixed”, and that change is always possible.

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